“I remember the first time I saw Casa Batllo, a building in Barcelona that Gaudi had designed.  I felt like somebody understood my definition of what beauty was.”  Chris Buzzell is not your ordinary designer.  His love for art, architecture and Mother Nature led him to do what he does best, combine both modern minimalism with natural resources to create beautiful spaces that function with little impact on the planet.  Raised in Austin, Texas the son of a theologian, Buzzell has traveled extensively.  ”An influential experience that spawned my drive to build organic, earth friendly spaces was visiting Papua New Guinea where my father’s friend had built several dwellings powered electrically by a water wheel in a diverted stream.  Everything else was naked natives living in huts.  That was my first grasp of true minimalism.”  At age twenty Buzzell moved to Los Angeles where he was given the opportunity to travel Europe through modeling and commercial acting.  ”It was at that point in my life that I felt truly inspired to create art.  Standing below the Duomo in Milan looking at endless detail of hand carved stone challenged my thoughts on the concept behind the meaning of creating structure.  Every single block in every city opened up my mind to even more.”  Buzzell returned to LA and fervently began working, creating art and studying the architecture he experienced first hand.  It wasn’t long before he melded his art with his love for architecture.  ”I learned in my travels you could turn the things you see in your mind into reality.”  One walk through a Buzzell design project and you experience what goes through Chris Buzzell’s mind, while finding it impossible to see how he brings it into a tangible reality.  Buzzell’s designs are sustainable and eco-friendly.   His work emphasizes the simplistic beauty of nature instead of obscuring it.  He uses the design of the dwelling in order to create natural airflow and insulation against the elements.  ”I spent time in villas, hundreds of years old and felt like they had central heating and air conditioning due to their proper design.  There is a way to do it.”  One of the most important aspects of Chris Buzzell is his relationship with his clients.  ”I want to be the vehicle between my clients imagination and their budgets.  Everyone is filled with a creative force.  I want my clients to connect to it in a functional and enviromentally sound way.”

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